Somebody Rescue Me

A lot of people raise awareness for causes, and speak out against injustice in the world. A lot of people talk about what they wish would happen. When I sat down with Daniel and Lacy Tolar in 2011 and heard their vision for Rescue 1 Global, I realized these people were not just talk. And every year since, I’ve seen R1G take action to bring freedom and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking.

I’m proud to partner with this organization. I’m proud to join them on the streets as they meet people where they are. I’m proud to celebrate with them as they get ready to open the first safe home in TN, a physical, tangible refuge that has been needed for so long.

Today, October 1st, my song “Rescue” (a song I wrote especially for Rescue 1 Global) will be released exclusively on 50% of the song’s profits will go to support Rescue 1 Global and the new safe home they are opening for survivors of human trafficking. To support Rescue 1 Global and buy “Rescue”, simply click here.

Learn more about the mission of R1G by visiting

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